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What is Friending ?
Friending – it is new interactions standards between mans, humanity and machines
A delicate interaction initiation lays on the base of Friending. Mans is asked permission to get an advertising message.
Friending Interactions are remarkable for significant level of consumption loyalty and trust.
According our philosophy Friending rejects information violence, which is used by the majority of standard advertised channels. On the contrary this new effective way of the product promotion based first of all on the trust.
Marketing communications based on the Friending philosophy – it is the new effective way of product promotion which has its roots in trust.
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Our mission
The creation of clever areas for maximum effective interaction between people and also between mans and machines.          
We are
More than 50 talented persons – young creative leaders, managers, programmers and volunteers work at 5 companies in 4 cities, in 2 countries.
Friending Group development line
16 января 2015
Robophone seeks partners

Robophone team is ready to introduce market its product and propose a partnership to concerned marketing and interactive agencies. You can test Ropophone in according with client’s needs almost free and in case of success to sign a contract. All the best! We’ll keep you informed.
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